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AST SPRING 2018 EMT Class, Feb 21st - May 09th
Class offered in conjunction with Oroville Adult School and begins FEBRUARY 21, 2018 and meets every....
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Absolute Safety Training, Inc :: Fire Technology

AST Instructor Biographies

Since its inception, AST instructors have worked hard to stay up with the latest technologies in the profession. We're continually striving to come up with more efficient and innovative ways to get the job done, and sharing that information with each other and our students. We are constantly searching for unique ways to make today's training fresh, exciting, and effective.

We at AST are dedicated to the concepts of training in the fire service. AST is constantly preparing and training its members to safely respond to and mitigate new and increasingly difficult situations such as chemical and biological agent releases, terrorism, hazardous materials, urban search and rescue, and confined space rescue, to name just a few. The purpose of Absolute Safety Training is to stay on top of all new issues while continuing to promote the old tried-and-true concepts of firefighter training.


Jess Smith Jess Smith has over 39 years of firefighting experience beginning with his Fire Science Degree in 1973 from Shasta College earning a California Community College teaching credential in 1979.  Jess worked over 30 years in active fire service retiring as a Captain from Willows Fire Department. He has always had a passion for teaching and training firefighters with a great attention given to the volunteer firefighter recently serving as Chief for Glenn Codora Volunteer Fire District. Jess is a CA State Fire Marshall’s certified instructor. His favorite subject of Pumping Operations and Maintenance comes with numerous years of experience repairing and collecting parts and pieces to include in his classes. Jess has been involved as a consultant with the United States Forest Service and was instrumental in the development and implementation of their SCBA/Special Hazards policy and procedure. For over 25 years he has served as an Instructor with Region-5 North Zone Engine Academy. In 2008 Jess received the Don Studebaker Regional Instructor of the Year Award, the first ever non-USFS instructor to receive it. Jess leads AST as the CEO/president and co-founder and for over 10 years he has been an inspiration to us all.
Michael Ridley Michael Ridley is a 32-year veteran of the California (CA) Fire Service. He has risen from Paid-Call Firefighter to Fire Chief, and retired in 2006.  He is a CA state Fire Marshall’s certified instructor in numerous courses. He is also a certified Master Instructor.  He is a Lifetime member of the Northern CA Training Officer’s in which he held offices from Area Director to President.  He is the recipient of their Membership Achievement Award.
James Broshear James Broshears is a retired Fire Chief of the Paradise Fire Department. As a firefighter he was promoted five times throughout his career. He is currently teaching ICS, SEMS, NIMS, among other courses. He was honored to receive the Firefighter of the Year award twice, once in 1988 and again in 1998. He is also a recipient of the Director’s Award For Partnership and the Friend’s of Education Award from Paradise, CA.
Jan Smith Janice Smith (Jan), is a 20-year veteran of volunteer firefighting. She began serving as a firefighter after taking an EMT class and then being asked to join Kanawha Volunteer Fire Dept. Her reason in becoming an EMT was in the interest of helping during her many commute hours spent driving to and from her job as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Jan has spent the last 33 years watching then instructing classes all over the state along side her husband Jess. She completed her CA State Volunteer Firefighter Certification and received her CA Certified Driver Operator I by the end of 1990. In the spring of 2007 she decided to semi-retire as a hygienist after 29 years and complete her CA Adult Education Designated Subjects Credential in Fire, Dental and Therapeutic Services. This has enabled her to expand her instruction to the medical side of training. She is a co-founder of AST and for the last 10 years has been instrumental in its growth and development.
Dan Layne Dan Layne brings 20 years teaching experience to the classroom.  His passion for EMS started 20 years ago and that passion has never changed.  With 16 years combined experience as a Paramedic and Operations Manager/Paramedic, he is able to share the theoretical information and practical skills that prepare students for a career as a medic or fire/medic throughout the United States.
Derette Layne Derette Layne is our Clinical & Field Internship Coordinator, counselor and student advocate. She works with students to address academic and psychosocial issues to support student learning and positive outcomes for students in the program. She has experience working with different learning styles and is able to guide student learning with study and test-taking strategies that enhance student performance.
Scott Mullin

Scott Mullin has been involved with emergency services for nearly 30 years.  Scott has attended several colleges throughout California where he received specialized training in all aspects of emergency management.  Scott attended the California Specialized Training Institute in San Luis Obispo, where he was trained and certified in the Incident Command System.  He entered into law enforcement in 1982.  As a Law Enforcement Officer, his assignments were operationally and tactically based, including a 19 year assignment to a SWAT team, which included 10 years as a SWAT medic.

Scott has been a professional trainer for nearly 20 years.  He holds numerous training instructor certifications including first-aid, CPR and AED.  He was responsible for developing the departments POST approved in-service medical training and overseeing the departments other medical trainers.

Scott entered the fire service in 1996.  He currently works as a Training Captain in the fire service.  He is an academy instructor and vice-president of the training officers association.  He holds training certification from the California State Fire Marshal.  Scott brings real world, hands on, in field experience as an instructor.  He has responded to thousands of medical aid calls and has performed CPR hundreds of times.  He is a certified Strike Team Leader and spends much of the summer months responding to major incidents throughout the state, where he works extensively within the ICS system.

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