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Absolute Safety Training, Inc :: FAQ


"Definitions" to Clear up Questions You may Have

Sign up - The process of choosing a particular class and entering your contact information is so we may send an email/newsletter to you when the class is scheduled. This enables us to track interest in particular classes. We are only able to begin the process of scheduling a particular class when the minimum number of students interested is confirmed.

FYI - In the past we have achieved that number by a verbal means, then the first day of the class arrives and only a few show up. This not only costs in preparing for the class, but also disappoints those who take the time to show up only to be sent home as there are not enough to facilitate funding the class.
If a department or agency desires to fund a class without a minimum specified, that can be done through our worksheet and is on a case by case basis.

Prospective Student - This means you're on the list for a specific class and will receive an email/newsletter when it is scheduled.

Registered Student - This means you are registered with the "web site" and have a user name and password.

Username and password - You may register and obtain a username and password when a class has a blue box next to it and a scheduled date. All this does is enable you to access the part of the web site with your username and password and obtain documents via your account. Not all classes require additional documents.

Enrolled Student - You become an Enrolled Student in a class after the following:

  • You have downloaded the documents (if any) for that specific class.
  • You have sent in your fees and received a confirmation back.
  • This is the only term used to tell you that you are guaranteed a seat in a class. Again, not all classes will require you to become an enrolled student through the web site.

The following are some "Questions" we have received in the past:

1. Where do I send my enrollment form and course fee?
All course fees and forms should be mailed to:
Absolute Safety Training, Inc.
PO Box 205
Willows, CA 95988

2. How can I pay for a course?
We accept money orders, cashier checks or cash. We do accept credit cards, but you will need verification ahead of time so that we may process your information safely.

3. What qualifies me as an Enrolled student?
An "Enrolled" student has turned in his/her registration form with the course fee and received confirmation of a seat in the class.

4. Am I registered for a course if I create a username and password on the web site?
No. Your username and password only enables you to access your "account" which allows you to download documents. It pertains only to the web site, not to a class.

5. What happens if I forget my username?
Please contact us at (530) 934-7257 and we can reset it.

6. What happens if I forget my password?
Please contact us at (530) 934-7257 and we can reset it.

7. What if I know of a number of people who want a specific course?
Please call us directly at (530) 934-7257. We will obtain the information necessary to work out the steps to scheduling a class.

8. May I sign up for multiple courses?
Yes. You may sign up for any course you are interested in taking.
This does not mean you are enrolled, but will add you to the list of prospective students interested in that course. Again, when there are a sufficient number of students interested in a course, the process of scheduling will begin.

9. Do you post grades on-line?
No. Each class is different and if any grading is done, it will be explained at the beginning of the class.

10. Why do you ask for my personal information?
We do not share our information with any other companies. The information is solely used to contact you for educational purposes.

11. What is the minimum number of students required to begin scheduling any course?
Each course is different and so the minimum will vary.

12. Is there a maximum student number for courses?
Yes. Most of our courses are geared for no more than 30 students at a time. Some FSTEP (State Fire Marshall) courses have posted maximum and minimums. You can find that information on the CA State Fire Training web site.

13. Is AST, Inc. accredited?
The AST Inc. Paramedic Program is Nationally Accredited.

14. Do your classes have college units? - No.

15. Are there scholarships available for help with finances?
No. We have resources to assist students with financial issues. Please call us for that information.

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Absolute Safety Training, Inc. (AST)
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